We Need YOUR Voice!


Want to be on the new album? We’d love your help and your voice!

You can listen and record yourself singing along, e-mail it to us, and you’ll be on the record!

All you have to do is:

1) Listen to this: Rest Track

2) Make sure to use headphones—that way when you record yourself, it will just be you singing.

3) Sing along! Help Collin out by counting at the start with him.

4) E-mail it to us at lonelyhuntermusic@gmail.com.


And we’ll get you on the album! Don’t worry too much about quality- just sing along and have fun. It can be just one person or thirty. You can use your phone, laptop, or whatever! Any file format can work.


When Winter Comes


When Winter Comes


We announced last night that we’re officially on track for a new release next month.  The record will be a short EP titled “When Winter Comes”, and we’re all excited and nervous and impatient about releasing it.

Over the past few months, we’ve been playing a few shows here and there, but haven’t sought after hitting the venues as hard as we once did. Our set was made up of old songs.  Some of the members weren’t around when we wrote those songs. While that’s just part of being a band, all of us were ready to make some new music.  Music written by the band now. It’s hard to fill a set with songs that you’ve been playing for the past few years. We were ready to be playing new music as much as the people coming out to the shows.

Tyler joined, then Austin joined, and Collin and I were talking about writing new music. Dealing with distance, limited time, and no good practice space, we slowly got to work. The idea was a full-length record.

As time went on and we kept writing, we wrote more and more songs. Before long, we had (have) a good amount of them.  A few we started to sample live. The songs continued to take shape, continued to grow.

We knew it was getting time for a new release: it was long overdue, and we couldn’t just sit on these songs anymore. We were impatient and ready to get new music in everyone’s hands; we were ready for new music to play at shows.  But, when we looked at our demos we’d made of the new tracks, we didn’t feel our full-length attempt was quite up to snuff yet.

A handful of the songs didn’t quite mesh with the others, either. We love them and think they’re great, but they just didn’t sound right in between some of the other songs.  So, we came up with a compromise between our own impatience and our commitment to our music.

It’s called When Winter Comes, and it’s a 4-song EP that will come out next month.  Some of these songs have been played live, then re-worked and re-worked, and will now finally, as a completed song, be heard. Others haven’t been released or shown to anyone.

During October, we’ve tracked the record. After a few more finishing touches, it will go out for mixing and mastering, and then it will be in your ears.


When Winter Comes.


November 1st


I’ll start with a confession: I’m bad at updating this. Like, really bad. I’m going to try to do better to keep anyone and everyone who’s interested updated with what we’re doing, working on, thinking, etc.

We announced like… over a year ago that we’d really pulled ourselves out of hiatus and were working on new music. Good news: that’s still true. There have been a number of obstacles which the band has needed to maneuver—people are busy, Collin’s engaged to our good friend (the beautiful Lindsay Harris), and Tyler and his wife relocated to Dallas. We’re constantly finding new and better ways to function as a band despite things that make that tough.

I mentioned earlier the new music thing. Well, hold on just a little bit longer. We’ve got some news coming your way soon.


We’re Getting Antsy—and Excited


Earlier this week, Collin and I were driving and he flipped on a song.  Right now, it’s just called Tyler Idea R03—a working title— as in, it’s the demo we tracked for one of Tyler’s ideas, and the third revision. It had plenty new stuff from R02: Vocals, a new ending… but as the track played and I listened, evaluating each moment, I couldn’t help but smile. I was loving it.

My feelings with the demo— and a number of others that we’re currently working on— are different than previous songs and projects the band has done.  I feel a new and different sense of accomplishment than with our previous albums.  There’s some sort of excitement with these new tracks I’ve not encountered before.  That’s not to downplay the excitement and accomplishment that came with any of the EPs previously released—I don’t mean to dismiss those— but there’s a new buzz around this new stuff.

We write our music collaboratively.  So, with every line-up change, one of the first obstacles is: “So, how do we write music again?”.  Different musicians simply have different styles, like different things in music, are inspired differently.  That different dynamic doesn’t just impact one person, it changes the band. It changes the music, in its own subtle way, and it changes how that music is written.  Right now on my computer, I’ve got close to 20 different tracks on 9 different songs. Different versions have varying levels of completion.  Some are full songs, beginning to end.  Some only show through a certain part until the demo ends in uncertainty of what comes next.  Some of them suck. It’s actually quite fun to track the progress the songs make over time.

Collin said something over his various social media about how he loved that our demos were making him smile, a feeling we’ve all been experiencing.  We keep a “demo diary”—a shared spreadsheet with everyone’s comments and critiques about the demos we’re working with, and it’s fun to catch everyone’s excitement in all the ideas and critiques of each part of each song.  We are all so excited for this to happen.

We don’t have a release date yet, or really even a good time window for when this might end up in your hands.  We’re not wanting to rush through the writing by putting strict deadlines on things—but we’re also not wanting to sit on these so much they just get really over-thought.

We do have the album’s title, what it means to us, and some more fun news on the way, so stay posted.  Oh, and a ton of excitement.  Yeah, we’ve got that, too.

Peace & Love,

Jacob, Collin, Tyler, and Austin



The Return, At Last.


It had been too long.

Our first ‘big’ show in College Station, the city the band formed in, was years ago at a venue called The Stafford Main.  At the time, it was fairly run-down and not very well known; at least, most of the people in B/CS either hadn’t heard of the Stafford, or, simply never went.  But, it was a venue, and a ‘true’ venue— not a bar with a band— it was a real, honest-to-goodness live venue for real bands.

As time went on we played at The Stafford more and more.  Up until it shut down about a year ago, we had played countless shows there.  It hosted two CD release shows for us, and we got to play with some awesome bands like Deas Vail and The Rocketboys on that stage.  When The Stafford shut down last year, we were sad to see it go.  It had been very much a staple in our development as a band, and we saw it as our “home field” venue.


Months ago, our good friend and manager Jose told us some exciting news: the Stafford was to be re-opened, and Jose was really involved in that process.  Fast forward through months of construction and planning by a ton of people, and it’s back.

And it’s better than we remember.

We simply loved being back in the new-and-improved Grand Stafford Theatre.  If you haven’t been yet, go as soon as you can.  Finishing touches are still being added, and this will be a premiere venue!

Check out a few more of the pics our good friend Spencer Cogburn snapped during the show:

After the show, we headed to a small-ish building south of College Station we had rented for the weekend for a writing retreat.  It’s true: we’re knee-deep in writing and demoing new music, and we’re extremely excited about it.  Seriously, we’re trying so hard to not show anyone and everyone every new idea, demo, and hook we come up with.  Currently, the album is being called “The Good Fight”, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it and let you hear it.



And the writing begins…


Here’s just a quick update for you guys!

We are entering a new chapter of life for each of us and The Lonely Hunter as a whole.

Our great friend and guitarist, Spencer, has finally moved into a new part of his life with his new wife, Anna. With this and several other priorities, Spencer has decided to relinquish his position to Tyler Kern. Though we are sad to see him move on, we have an exciting new opportunity with Tyler, and we cannot wait to see where it leads us. With that being the case, we have entered a phase of writing! We don’t have much information to give you, but we can tell you that we love the process and are excited for the music that lies ahead. As soon as we get more, you will be the first to hear it. Make sure you catch us this summer at one our shows!

In the mean time, watch Tyler demo his new rig…


We love what we do…


The past few weeks have been amazing. Two great shows with great bands we loved.  If you didn’t catch the shows, you were definitely missing out of some excellent live music! For those who missed, here’s a little bit of a recap…

Last weekend it was Lovedrug and Valise at Revolutions in downtown Bryan.

If you haven’t heard Lovedrug’s newest album, Wild Blood, then you absolutely missing out! The album rocks, and we think it’s going to be a new classic. Check it out here!

Valise opened the show up. Their new album has been getting plenty of play time, so make sure you check them out too. Not to mention the show was a shared effort between a ton of slam poets from all over the country.

This weekend it was The Rocket Summer, Gatlin Elms, and Lindsay Harris.

Bryce Avary rocked out Wolf Pen Creek for over 400 people! His set was excellent, and he’s even got a new tour about to start, so make sure you catch a show or two with Switchfoot.

Let’s not forget our great friends Gatlin Elms…

…and Lindsay Harris.

They both killed it!

Make sure you check out their music and continue to follow our progress along the way. We love making music and playing with people like this is the reason we keep it up! Look for our upcoming dates beginning April in San Antonio and College Station.


We’re still alive!


Hey guys and gals!

Many of you are probably wondering where The Lonely Hunter has been lately! Well, to put it shortly, the band is in a definite state of transition. With everyone’s lives changing and moving, we are all scrambling to keep the music coming. But don’t count us out! We have moved. The Lonely Hunter is now in Houston, TX. It’s a new city, and it’s opening up some new oppurtunities. We have some shows scheduled in Austin and College Station coming up soon, so be sure to check back for more updates. Until then, stop by iTunes and pick up our album if you don’t already have it.

We love you guys and we can’t wait to get playing again!


Freedom from iTunes!


We our releasing our CD for a while on noisetrade to celebrate our Independence Day…


Follow the link and feel free to tell your friends!




Hey guys,

This is a promo clip for our new video with Marshall Rimmer for “A Feeling” off our new album. This entire video is shot with GoPro cameras. We can’t wait to show you the final product, but we have a little more shooting to do. Let us know what you think, and feel free to share it with your friends!

For more info and updates, follow The Lonely Hunter on Facebook and keep checking back on our website. If you want to hear some more music off The Lonely Hunter’s new album like the song featured above, check out our music section above.